Thursday, July 07, 2005


Last night, The Carnivore said he would knock off work early on Friday so that we could GO OUT TO EAT. He has been working at Farm 255 for the past few weeks, a new restaurant in Athens being opened by the owners of Full Moon Coop, a local organic farming cooperative. I first read about this restaurant months ago, and I have been positively quivering with anticipation. We rarely go out to eat. As a matter of fact, the last time The Carnivore and I ate out at a restaurant was October 14 (our anniversary). Sad, but true.

If I were completely honest though, I would mention that I rarely want to eat out. Fat Baby goes to bed rather early, so eating out can be a logistical nightmare to begin with, and as a vegetarian, there are usually only one or two dishes on any given menu that appeal to me. Since I have lived in this town almost all of my life, I have, as a general rule, already tried both vegetarian dishes at just about every restaurant in town. But when a new restaurant opens up, I start to get the hankering.

Then, of course, there is the expense of eating out. I find it absurd, as an accountant who does a lot of cost-benefit analyses, to spend exorbitant amounts of money at a restaurant when I can usually cook the same dishes myself for a tiny proportion of the cost. Eating out regularly and often is a pastime for childless people who are either too lazy to cook or are too short-sighted to be planning for retirement. Luckily, I have no problems giving my opinion.

All that aside, since this will be my first time this year eating out (and paying the tab), I refuse to focus on the cost. The real issue is what to order. I want to be able to plan ahead, but I haven't seen Farm 255's menu yet. The Carnivore is working there today though, so I have asked him to call me with a list of menu items so that I can start thinking about what I will have. I heard a rumor that fried green tomatoes are on the menu (love those!).

Now if he would just call...

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