Friday, July 01, 2005

I Married Him For His Cornbread

The Carnivore finally noticed how busy I've been, and he offered to cook dinner tonight while I sat at my desk with a pile of financial statements and pulled my hair out trying to do a... well, I ought not bore anyone with the tedium of the project I've been working on. Suffice to say, it involves restating past profit & loss statements to better reflect operating expenses for developing the valuation of a .... there I go again, thinking anyone else is interested in this.

Tonight, The Carnivore served salmon patties on a bed of jasmine rice (apparently he couldn't find the brown rice and didn't want to disturb me) with hush puppies. I don't fry things, so I've always been appreciative of his abilities to do so. Fat Baby was served his own little tiny plate with specially made itty-bitty salmon patties and teeny-weeny hush puppies. It was all very cute. I believe that was his first fried dinner.

The Carnivore's hush puppy recipe (modified, of course) originally came from the 1982 Southern Living Annual Cookbook. My mother has been collecting these cookbooks for me at yard sales for many years now, and it is my life goal to have a complete set without ever paying full price for any of them. I'm still short a few years, mostly the nineties, but I have faith that people will get tired of dusting them and will throw them outside for a yard sale.

The Carnivore is a great cook, and it used to be his job to get dinner on the table. Its a long-running, yet slightly true, joke that I married The Carnivore for his cornbread. I can't remember what he served with the cornbread back when we first started dating, but I don't suppose it even mattered. To this day, I haven't tasted better cornbread. On special occasions around here (Mother's Day, my birthday), when The Carnivore asks what I want for dinner, cornbread is always my answer.

I've been waffling lately on the seafood issue. I haven't eaten red meat or chicken since I was 6 years old, but I've always eaten seafood. It was a difficult thing to explain when I was a kid, because anytime people heard 'vegetarian,' they automatically assumed I didn't eat anything except tofu & brussels sprouts. When I was pregnant, I limited seafood to no more than one serving per month (even though the guidelines say once a week is okay, my baby's brain development seemed more important than the craving for catfish). As a nursing mother, I followed the same schedule until I realized recently that I had gone months without eating any at all. For a while I've been toying with giving seafood up altogether, but I clearly haven't made the final leap there.

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