Friday, July 01, 2005

Woe Is Me

It has been quite a disappointing food week. The highlight so far has been the THREE Krispy Kreme doughnuts I had on Jack's birthday on Wednesday. Pregnant sister was in labor all day Thursday, so I made two trips to fast food joints to pick up food for the members of her support system. On one of the trips, I ordered sausage biscuits and I'm pretty certain that was the first time I've ever ordered meat in the drive-thru. Fat Baby was in his car seat practically moaning at the smell of food, so I went against my better judgement and got a greasy potato product for him. He seemed to understand that the drive-thru was something like the bank drive-thru, in which I hand paper to the person in the window, and they exchange that for food (to this point, he thought only lollipops came out of windows). Woe is me.

Last night there was no time to cook, so I ate a cheese sandwich at my desk while I attempted to get work done. My goal was to get enough work done so that I could take a three-day holiday weekend. Alas, my pile only continued to grow as more work continued to flow in via the fax machine and email. Woe is me.

In desperation on Wednesday night, I picked up new recipes to try next week and made my grocery list for Friday morning shopping. The desperation was borne partly out of the need to at least plan to cook some great dinners and partly out of jealousy. The Carnivore had to go back to town Wednesday night to fix problems with an air conditioning system at AN ORGANIC RESTAURANT HE HAS BEEN WORKING AT! There is clearly no justice in the world when soda-drinking, meat-eating, fast-food-craving, organic-scoffing husbands get to spend their time at new organic restaurants while the vegetarian foodie stays at home and eats cheese sandwiches at her desk. Woe is me.

Today, along with two of my sisters and two of my brothers, I am taking Fat Baby to the fire station in Five Points. The sneaky side of me is in ecstasy since that means I will be but one block away from the fancy hippie grocery store. I plan to stock up on all those items that my usual big-box grocery store doesn't even carry. If my work ever gets done, I'll be cooking to break the bank next week. Mom finally found me a wok at yard sales last week, so I intend to finally try my hand at stir-frys. To say I am excited is a gross understatement.

Things are definately looking up.

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