Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Love Song About My Mom

I went to yard sales this morning with Mom, Grandma, Fat Baby, Jack, Dubby, Martin & Chuy. I swore to mom, in two different phone conversations this morning, that I did NOT want to go. Then I had a change of heart. Thank God.

We must have gone to 10 different places, but it was at the next-to-the-last one that I hit the jackpot. Mom pointed me to some cookbooks and I picked up 4 of them, trying not to be greedy. But she kept piling more into my arms and saying "Don't you want this one on sauces? And what about the Bon Appetit one?" She talked the lady down to $1 per cookbook (a STEAL since each of these sells for around $20 brand new). I clutched them to my chest and headed back to the van, thinking about how cool my mom is, when I heard her tell the lady "Sarah loves to cook. She is a food writer."

My mom is so cute. She didn't bother pointing out that only a handful of people read my writing about food, and I'm related to most of them. She is the reason why I don't have a self-esteem problem. If anything, I have an over-inflated ego problem. Somehow she can make all 39 of us feel like we are each the MOST special.

  1. Cooking Light Annual Recipes 1997
  2. Cooking Light Annual Recipes 1998
  3. Cooking Light Annual Recipes 1999
  4. Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2000
  5. Hay Day Country Market Cookbook
  6. Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making (almost 600 pages on sauces!)
  7. The Flavors of Bon Appetit 2001
  8. Bon Appetit Outdoor Entertaining
  9. What Your Mother Never Taught You The Pizza Gourmet Will
  10. Cooking Light Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Quick & Easy Cookbook
  11. Williams-Sonoma Pizza

Now I just need to see if The Carnivore won't mind taking a break from painting the porch to come in and build me one more shelf over the menu desk for my newest cookbooks. After all, he doesn't mind eating the food I make with said cookbooks...

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