Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Food Nerd

I just entered the 2nd Annual Cooking Light Recipe Contest, and I'm so nervous my heart is pounding. I am such a nerd.

Of course I would love to win the contest. Grand prize is $10,000 and a family vacation for four. Four other finalists win $5,000 each. Frankly though, I would be happy if someone just threw me a bone. I mean really, can't this be the kind of contest where losers get a Cooking Light apron or something? Anything? Mom said I would be satisfied with a free spatula. She's right.

This is technically my first recipe contest, unless you count that 4-H Peanut Butter Sandwich recipe contest back in fourth grade. Mom says I won, but I think that, um, it was one of those confidence-building things where we were all winners. Or something like that. After all, though we can't remember what my recipe was, I vaguely recall including alfalfa sprouts. It can't possible have tasted good. Maybe I got the Hippie Kid Award.


Cindy said...

You REALLY did win. i still have your certificate AND you also won a T-shirt for your very unique recipe. Be proud, be very proud.

yolie said...

What category did you enter your recipe into? Don't be nervous, you're always a winner in my book! Love, Yolie

The Management :) said...

Here's proof that I read your blog. Well, it's not real proof that I read your blog, only that I know how to comment on it. Nevertheless, I do, and I ain't laughing at you...only a snicker here and there. They wouldn't even qualify as chuckles.

As for the recipe contest:
Go, fight, win, hey. Then I could say that once upon a time I shopped in Ocho Rios with a renowned chef extraordinaire.