Sunday, April 16, 2006


Too busy cooking to blog about the cooking. Made 18 vastly different dishes over the past seven days, 9 of them new recipes. I am tired, but full. And fat. My little taste-tester isn't complaining (though this picture is nearly a year old - taken during my smoothie-perfecting phase). Will find time this week to at least publish the recipe for the surprise hit of the week: Stuffed Poblanos.

I spent this afternoon testing out luncheon recipes, after spending Saturday morning working on picnic recipes. I am becoming manic. I will work on a single dish ad nauseum, over a period of weeks, until it is absolutely perfect. By then though, I'm often sick to death of it. I've already gone through the fudge phase (currently discouraged and taking a break on that one), and I'm still smack dab in the middle of a salsa phase. Speaking of which, if anyone has The Perfect Salsa Recipe, I would appreciate it if you would share.

This is getting out of hand. And expensive. Must find way to make money doing this. I learned to enjoy cooking as a way of being super-efficient (after all, I wouldn't resent HAVING to cook if I actually LOVED to cook - as far as I'm concerned, everything comes down to one's state of mind). Now if I could only become Superwoman and discover a way to cook to eat, to have fun, AND to pay the bills. Have a new goal now. Will add it to the list...

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Anonymous said...

The lunch food was delicious! Thanks so much.

Have you ever thought about giving cooking lessons? I'd sign up.

Ms. Carr