Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Seriously. Tonight's side dish was nasty. So bad that I took one bite, scrunched my face up, took another bite, and then got up from the table and scraped the whole thing into the compost bin. Blech. It was a baked couscous with squash and summer herbs recipe from Cooking Light magazine, a recipe I had been wanting to try for a while. And, honestly, 'twasn't my fault that it sucked. But suck it did.

You know that taste you conjur up when you think of misguided health food from the seventies? That's how this tasted. Bland, weirdly textured, oddly colored, and vaguely nasty.

Sort of what you would expect if you went to the health food store and bought one of those organic, all natural "convenience dinners" where you just add water and then, surprise, it tastes just as bad as any other TV dinner, only more virtuous.

Yuck. What a disappointment. One ought not to sacrifice taste and decadence just for the sake of healthfulness. That's just missing the point altogether.

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Mary said...

I keep seeing Odd Toddler's red hat. My husband has an old red hat that he got as a toddler. To this day, he still wears it (yes, it's been cleaned). Too cute!