Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Daily Chocolate

I am in a decadent mood. I was asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve (not a terribly unusual occurence now that I have children), so I saved the hedonism for today. My primary New Year's resolution this year is to eat chocolate every day. Not just any old chocolate, mind you, but good-quality chocolate. So to properly set 2009 in motion, I woke up early this morning, did 30 minutes of yoga, and then sat down to enjoy a cup of strong, locally-roasted coffee and a luxurious, fist-sized, wicked-good pain au chocolat.

And then I ate another one.

I would have taken photos, because I have this new camera and tripod that I have played with incessantly for the past week, but, well, The Boy Wonder polished off the last one before I could photograph the evidence.

If you really must see pictures though, you could always Google it. In the interest of full disclosure, I do that myself, every time I get a hankering for a flaky, buttery croissant oozing with chocolate.

I know that many resolutions center around getting healthier, so I suppose I should apologize for publicly announcing my intention to live more unrighteously, but let's be honest, dark chocolate is actually good for you. And did you notice that I exercised first? That has to count for something.


Mama JJ said...

You didn't make it yourself, did you?

I like your resolution---it is uplifting, if I do say so myself.


Sarah Beam said...

No, JJ, I did not. An old friend, who was aware of my resolution from my Facebook status ramblings, came to town and brought them to me. I love him.

AmyRuth said...

I found your chocolate resolution on 101 cookbooks and this is my first visit.... as a fellow dark chocolate lover, I am seriously contemplating joining in on that resolution. It actually sounds divine! :`) Happiness.
Happy New Year

Sarah Beam said...

AmyRuth, the more, the merrier, right? Just imagine: if we could get everyone to commit to eating chocolate every day, peace on earth might actually be achievable.