Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Seven Wonders of the Week

Spring arrived with a grand entrance this year, leaping out loudly from behind Winter's lingering back, and this year, she brought all her friends with her: singing birds, hilarious swirling clouds of pollen, fragrant and thick blooms of wisteria, warm breezes, and the usual sense of wonder.

All too often, moments of pure beauty pass by fleetingly, lost amidst busy schedules and children's bedtimes and desks piled with work.

This week, we reveled in the springtime bliss, breathing deeply, moving slowly, and living fully.


On Sunday afternoon, we opened all the doors and windows and did our best to blur the lines between inside and outside.


On Monday, we frolicked in the big creek.


In the glorious and welcome high heat of Tuesday afternoon, I weeded the salad garden while The Boy Wonder took care of the watering, Little Miss Hazelnut stripped off her clothes and ran amidst the wisteria, and Elvis the Bloodhound lolled about in the shade of the pear tree.


Wednesday brought a lunch date with my former housemate and his wife who were in town for a mere 24 hours. There was laughter, catching up, and a brief, but wondrous, sense of connection between the past and the present. Later in the day, while The Boy Wonder learned about pollination with his fellow homeschool Garden Earth Naturalists at The Botanical Gardens, Little Miss Hazelnut followed the yellow brick road to a surprise cup of lemonade at the cafe.


Thursday began with an excited search under the pillow to see what The Tooth Fairy brought on her magical first visit to our home.


On Friday afternoon, in the sun-dappled shade of the large tree in front of my mother's house, while the older kids played in the meadow, and the adults pulled chairs around to sit together in the warm sunlight, generations jumped boisterously on the trampoline amidst laughter and squabbling. It was childhood in action.


Saturday began peacefully, the air cool, the quiet morning softly decorated with the sound of birds, cartoons, and the click-clacking of my knitting needles; the little pond filling with the falling lavender petals of the wisteria as its blooming season draws all-too-quickly to a close.


I can't wait to see what next week brings...


Jennifer Jo said...

This is great. Makes me think of the poem : Monday's child, Tuesday's child, etc... You know the one, right?

I'm jealous of your creek. REALLY jealous.

So what DID the tooth fairy bring?

Sarah Beam said...

JJ- I do know the poem, and it makes me happy that you thought of it.

The creek is on my mother's property, adjacent to ours. It is a true thing of beauty.

The tooth fairy was caught unawares and was wholly unprepared. Two quarters found their way under the pillow (after the tooth fairy quit crying over how quickly time is passing). Hoping to be a little more creative next go-round.