Tuesday, July 06, 2010

In Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is always a busy place.  It is where the whole family gathers together at least once a day for a meal around the table, where the kids and I linger every morning over breakfast, where the children color and paint, and where I get a chance to play.  Days begin and end in this room, with children sitting on counters to help roll out pasta dough or press buttons on the food processor, with mama perched at the menu desk, poring over cookbooks and sipping coffee, and with all of us just sitting at the table and watching the birds outside the bay window.  More time than usual was spent at home last week, and most of those hours were passed in this cheerful red room of ours.

:: Granola was made early one morning, using dried dates and local pecans, and resulting in our favorite batch yet.
:: There were three blueberry-picking excursions resulting in some 14 pounds of berries being consumed.
:: Basil was picked and made into pesto.
:: New cookie recipes were baked.
:: We made our first batch of cold-brewed coffee for Iced Coffee Concentrate.
:: More and more Dark Chocolate Cashew Clusters were made and devoured.
:: Vegetables from the individual gardens of three generations of women in my family were assembled into a dinner of Summer Vegetable Fried Rice.
:: Homemade play dough was formed by little hands into pretend cookies and cakes.
:: Kisses were exchanged, flowers were arranged, music was played, and time was shared.

This is my favorite room in our house.


Jess said...

It's so nice to find no "like" button on a blog, but if there was one I would strongly consider clicking it for this post.

I've never stepped foot in your kitchen, but I can see it all. Lovely.

Thanks for that.

P.S. Mama made the play dough at her house with my kids this weekend. They loved it!

Sarah Beam said...

Jessie, I think that rocks that your mom made play dough. You should warn her though, that playing with it becomes a little addictive.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, thanks so much for the link. Isn't the iced coffee tutorial the best?! tastes so good...I put a lot of milk and ice in mine, blend it up and pretend it's a frappe-type-thing...lovely!

Love your blog :)