Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Most Important Thing on My List

Sometimes, when the littlest, most attention-stealing Beam is busy at her ballet lesson, it is best to not use that time to get some quick errands done.

The groceries can wait, after all.

There are always things to accomplish.  Library books to return, emails to answer, clients' crises to tend to, lists to be made, lesson plans to map out.  Not a minute to waste, after all.  Life is short.

We are so busy.  

That 45-minute once-a-week ballet lesson is prime time, you know.  There have been weeks when I rush to take Princess Hazelnut to her lesson, help her with her ballet shoes, kiss her before she goes into the studio, and then run to the library to pick up a hold, dash into the grocery store to get a week's worth of food, and sail through the post office to pick up stamps, and still been able to get back in time to watch the last 10 minutes of the lesson through the one-way window.  She never even knows I left.

It makes me tired just to type that.

Most of the time, The Boy Wonder is at his Homeschool P.E. class during the same time the princess is at ballet, but he has one more week yet before the winter session begins.

Yes, the grocery shopping can wait.

Taking this oldest child of mine on a spur of the moment date to a local coffee shop is, in fact, the very best use of my time today.  Stealing a few brief minutes together, just the two of us, to share two ridiculous-yummy cupcakes, is the very last thing he would have expected me to do this afternoon.

Which is why it was the best thing I've done all week.

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