Saturday, January 28, 2012

~ Yes ~

It was a trying week.  Full of the sort of days in which I question the sanity of homeschooling, when I wonder if I will ever have the time to do all of the work on my desk, and when I fear I will never have time to sit and chat with my girlfriends again.

So silly, I know.  Because of course everything in life comes in phases, and these days will change into new challenges and new hurdles, and it is all good.  Even the bad days are not really all that bad.

I gave up on the never ending list of Things That Must Be Done yesterday, and I said no to my desk and the housework, and yes to a friend.  Yes is really the only thing I ever want to say to my friends.  Yes to an afternoon watching our kids play (and fight) in the sandbox.  Yes to a batch of cookies.  Yes to a cup of tea.  Yes to time spent with one of my very favorite people.

Yes is such a lovely word.

Yes, children.  You can let your pet lizards run all over the table while I work on lesson plans for next week.  Yes, I will make you some more of that yummy warm lemon/limeade that I made yesterday.  Yes, then let's go through the woods to my sister's house and spend time with a whole lot of our family around a gorgeous bonfire.  And yes, little brother, let's play with all the settings on my camera together until we find the one that takes the best photographs of a fire at night.

(ISO 3200, in case you were wondering).

Yes, dear son who took five hours to clean his room today and who really shouldn't be kept up past his bedtime when we must get up early tomorrow, you may eat a hot dog.  And some potato chips.  And a few marshmallows.  Yes to lemonade.  And yes to hot chocolate.  Whoops.  Yes, that is my big bloodhound in your house, dear sister (sorry about that).

Yes, this is a lovely way to spend a weekend in January.  What else should we say yes to in the coming days?


Jennifer Jo said...

I like this. And the fire pictures are excellent.

Mama Sarah said...

Some days you just have to go with the "yes" flow. :)

Staying up late and having joyful contentment - sounds like something we have done a time or two. What a wonderful way to recalibrate life.

Jess said...