Monday, February 13, 2012

Morning, Noon, and Night

Being intentional about my time is a comical pursuit these days.  I wake up early, and start moving too quickly, too loudly, too soon.  The day and the evening pass in a blur of homeschooling, housekeeping, working, and living.  And with the particular lifestyle we have chosen, of home education and self-employment, all these activities can happen within the same four walls.

I didn't even make it outside today.

I am still in my yoga pants from my predawn workout.

Something must give.

Oh, don't get me wrong.  I do not plan to change anything concrete about any of this.  But I would like to pause occasionally, at least long enough to notice what is happening in the occasional moment.  Or two.  Well, three, to be exact.

I think right now, during what will perhaps be my busiest season yet, I shall focus on a new project with photographs.  A simple succession of daily pictures taken during the morning, noon, and night.  Photographs that capture a few moments of our day.  Sometimes with words.  Sometimes without.  Most days - but not all of them.

There is beauty in the mundane.  There is life in the details.  And I do not wish to miss a minute of it.

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Jess said...

Sarah, I love and adore this idea. I think it is brilliant and poetic and simple and lovely.

When Kathryn went back to Korea, we decided that the blog she and I pretended to maintain between the two of us last year would get a major simplification and streamlining. Now we take a picture a day. Sometimes there's something to say, but mostly it's just a snapshot of the day.

So good. I'm watching you...