Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surprise Spring

Every year, I am shocked and appalled at how busy I am from mid-January through late March.  And every year, almost without fail, Spring sneaks up on me from out behind the cold, gray late winter days, and it jumps out in front with a wild explosion of wisteria, the quirky droning sound of busy little bumblebees, the surprise onset of thick, fluffy grass, and days so beautiful they take my breath away.

The doors are flung open all day long now, and the sun feels so delicious.  The grand busy-ness of my work season is abating (though not quite gone yet), and I steal moments where I can.

There have been entirely too many, "No, honey, mama is too busy right now," conversations in the house lately, and an abysmal lack of time for anything unrelated to the barebones basics of our homeschooling routine or to the accounting/taxation side of my life.

But we are master moment-stealers, and our schedules are beginning to find some margin again.  Time for reading stories together, time to play with the members of our reptilian menagerie, time for baking mostly-healthy-but-slightly-decadent treats, time for bloom-gazing.  Time for each other.  Oh, Springtime, we are so pleased to see you again.


Heather said...

Once I became a stay at home mama, I was surprised at how much I retreated into winter. Even when I was an accountant, this time seemed to drag to me, perhaps the incredibly long days, but now, it seems like every day flies right by, and spring has been sneaking up on me more and more as my babes get older. If only it had been like that in college...

Sarah Beam said...

Heather, I *totally* blame accounting woes on the spring sneak up. Seasonal work is so strange, isn't it?