Monday, September 14, 2015

Meal Plan • 9/14/15

(recipes linked below)

We just returned from a glorious 4-day camping & learning adventure at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, so interstate food had to tide us over for this evening's dinner; and after a few days of tofu dogs (with fresh spinach, jalapeños, & sauerkraut) around the campfire at night, I'm craving a little bit of variety in our diet.

I planned the lentils, rice, & cornbread for tomorrow night, knowing that we wouldn't have anything in the fridge when we returned, and would need to cook from the freezer and the pantry.  Wednesday will be a long day out of the house and I won't have time to cook before we head out again for our evening activities, so I will make sure to cook enough lentils on Tuesday to reheat for Wednesday's on-the-run dinner.

Thursday and Friday will be easy enough days, but I have plans on Saturday evening, so pasta salad will be an easy win since I can make it in the afternoon and the rest of the family can eat it whenever they're ready.

As always, Sunday will be Every Man for Himself because of the long-standing labor laws in our household.
** Hot tip: When I make the cornbread batter on Tuesday, I will cook half of it in our tiny little black cast-iron skillet.  The other half of the batter will be stashed in the fridge to be cooked on Wednesday so that we will have fresh cornbread each night.  Alternatively, you could double the batter on the first night (if you need more than a half-batch) and then cook half of it each night in a regular-sized skillet.

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