Monday, September 21, 2015

Meal Plan • 9/21/15

(recipes linked below)

The past few weeks have been an introvert's challenge, and this week looks like more of the same.  As always, there are events I am looking forward to (yoga workshop in Atlanta for the win), events that are blowing my mind (my baby's eighth birthday), and events that will require meditation/prayer/herbal tinctures to survive (a court date with a non-paying tenant).

In honor of the calendar and in an attempt to roll with the punches, this week's meal plan is heavy on convenience and lighter than I would prefer on nutrition.

We're all just doing the best we can here.

Taco night on Monday is one of my favorite ways to please everyone.  The Musician will happily brown a little meat for himself and The Boy Wonder, while I will roast some seasoned garbanzos for a vegetarian filling for Princess Hazelnut and myself.  Then we can each pile on toppings according to our individual whims: shredded cheese, chopped romaine, salsa, fresh peppers from my mother's garden, sour cream, tomatoes, various hot sauces, etc.

Tuesday will be a quiet day at home (happy dance), so there will be time for one of my favorite vegan meals.  Wednesday is madness, hence the prepackaged foods that require nothing more than a little re-heating on my part while I bust out a quick yoga practice in a corner of the kitchen during the brief time we will be at home.

Thursday will require a later dinnertime than usual, so an easy pasta meal is on tap.  Because I will be in Atlanta on Friday, The Musician will have a chance to make one of the kids' favorite meals.

I bet you can't guess which evening we are celebrating Princess Hazelnut's birthday.

As always, Sunday will be Every Man for Himself because of the long-standing labor laws in our household.

Monday: Taco Night (garbanzo filling recipe)
Tuesday: Roasted Buddha Bowl
Wednesday: Thai Vegetable Gyoza & Vegetable Egg Rolls (Trader Joe's freezer products)
Thursday: Linguine with Hot Chile, Caramelized Onions & Gremolata
Friday: French Toast & Cheese Grits
Saturday: Pizza & Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Amy Olson said...

Those foods all sound absolutely yummy! Years ago we had a more traditional approach to meal time - one option prepared and served to everyone. With all of the convenience possibilities available now, it is more like running a very tiny restaurant, with each person able to individualize their own meals. Kinda amazing, really. A busy, happy family. Aaaahhhhh, love it. Thanks for sharing.