Friday, June 10, 2016

Five Things

Just a few of the articles, podcasts, and recipes that have been on my mind lately.
  • The Miracle Morning:  Boho Berry's blog post about the book The Miracle Morning gave me a lot to think about and reinforced for me the importance of starting the day right.  The book is about the wonders of having a solid morning routine, and I couldn't agree more.  My best days are the ones that start with a little quiet time, some inspirational reading, 15-30 minutes of exercise, and a bit of journaling, and I like to set my alarm an hour early in order to make those things happen.  
  • Speaking of mornings, I made this Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats recipe this week, and it was just right when I came back in the house starving after an early morning run.  The protein and fiber satiated me, and the advance preparation couldn't have been easier.  It literally takes less than 5 minutes to prep the recipe the night before, and then it's ready to go at breakfast time.  Even better, it's already packed in a jar and can be grabbed from the refrigerator and taken to work with zero hassle.  Total win.
  • Twelve Things Ariana Huffington Wants You to Do Before Bed :  Clearly, routines have been on my mind lately.  At night, I like to go to bed and read a book for 30 minutes or so before falling asleep.  My brain appreciates the break from electronics, and I enjoy the ritual of spending some quiet time with some good, quality fiction in a low-light setting in the most comfortable bed in the world. 
  • Brene Brown on Big Strong Magic:  I really, really enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons podcast series on creativity when it came out last summer (was it that long ago? now I'm not sure...), but this episode, featuring the amazing Brene Brown, was so powerful and mind-blowing that I have listened to it at least four times over the past six months.  I copied quotes from it into my journal, and have spent countless hours mulling over the topics they discuss.  It is the stuff of pure genius.  The language is a little salty in parts, but it's worth putting on your big girl panties for.  Good, good stuff.  And if you haven't yet read Gilbert's Big Magic, I highly recommend it.
  • Have you noticed the hilarious and pervasive mango theme going on at Trader Joe's this summer?  Mango is the new pumpkin, you know.  A lot of it is pretty excellent, some of it is so-so, and a few items are just weird, but I am totally, absolutely, completely head-over-heels in love with the Mango Body Butter.  If you want some though (and you live in Athens), you better hurry, because I'm going to go by there again in the next few days and buy out their entire stock before it disappears for the season.

I hope you have a great weekend.  I'm headed down to the coast for the Southern Grown Food & Music Festival at Sea Island, and I'm so excited I almost can't stand it.


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