Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Times A Day: Day Nine

~~ Morning ~~
My well-established morning routine of late has fallen deep into disrepair.  After Princess Hazelnut's middle of the night insistence on lipstick (?) resulted in my lying awake for a few hours, I chose sleeping in over virtuosity.  With only a few minutes to myself before the madness commenced this morning, I poured a cup of coffee, and sat by my favorite window for a few minutes with the book I favor when things seem out of balance and I feel the need to focus my gaze into the center of what my life looks like right now.  Not what it used to look like, or what I wish it looked like, or what I strive for it to look like in the future.  
Right now.  

~~ Noon ~~
There was no getting around the messiness of the day.  The Boy Wonder ate a bagel and dawdled through his math worksheet while Princess Hazelnut water-colored with nothing more than construction paper, water, and a straw.  I chose to let go these affronts to my sensibilities and focused instead on climbing out from beneath a pile of lesson plans, invitations that needed to be extended, and an email that needed an answer I did not have.  The math was accomplished, the artwork admired, the invitations completed, the email acknowledged.  
Nothing was perfect, everyone was satisfied.

~~ Night ~~
When I said, "Please keep your toys and assorted whatnots off this one little end table in the living room," I did not mean move the smallest pieces 13 inches higher onto the ledge of my reading lamp.  But I am impressed both with the clever circumvention of the rule, and the fact that a new Lego sculpture is hidden here almost every day. 
 Ingenuity of the little boy: 1.   Rules of the mother: 0.

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