Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Times A Day: Day Eight

~~ Morning ~~
Oh, reality, I hardly know thee.  I suspected today would feel strange, and it did.  I woke up at my usual time, automatically reaching for my exercise clothes, but then I thought better of it.  Better to ease back into Real Life, I thought.  Then I walked into the kitchen and found the shells arranged on the table.  Like a wink from the weekend.  
Oh.  It really did happen.

~~ Noon ~~
At least fifteen times before lunch, we made a break from the humdrum.  Two minutes of math, followed by jumping jacks in the living room.  One page of spelling, then a turn or two in the spinning chair.  I didn't have the heart to tell Princess Hazelnut that the daffodils she proudly brought inside to me were the ones from the front garden.  The ones we do not pick.  She was so happy to show me that she knows the ones with the orange center are Bita's favorite, and that she now knows the white ones are mine.  Methinks my mother may have given the little imp a gardening lesson.  I couldn't help but wonder if they also discussed my propensity for black tulips. 

~~ Night ~~
Sparklers on the front porch.  Because nothing about our day was normal.  Because I learned how to slow my shutter speed down so I could get the cooooolest shots of the light trail.  Because it was Monday and we kind of like the abnormality of our recent days.  Because tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and I'm not making a King Cake.  [Because there were sparklers in the basket of treasures that was put in our hotel room to welcome us to the wedding.  And because of course we brought them home to the kids].

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