Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Times A Day: Day Three

~~ Morning ~~
I am not the only one chasing the morning light around the house these days.  In these colder months, I watch Elvis as he stands up every few hours and moves to another side of the house, seeking the warmth and the sunlight.  This is his new morning spot.  

~~ Noon ~~
I declared a homeschool holiday, in honor of the need to pack three days of work into one six hour stretch.  The kids cheered and headed straight for The Boy Wonder's room, right next to my office.  There was elaborate role-playing, quiet time with puzzles and Legos while listening to Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery, a heated discussion about dragon training, and a whispered, sort-of-secretive excursion to the car to abscond with my umbrella.  

~~ Night ~~
Every day should end with a handful of chocolates from the Valentine's stash, some quality time with one's pet lizards, and an episode of Pokemon.


Caryn said...

Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery was my 16 year old's favorite CD from that series. She's dreamed of going to Venice since she was three. :)

Sarah Beam said...

I think the kids play that CD at least two time a day, EVERY day. I kind of dig it myself.