Friday, February 17, 2012

Three Times A Day: Day Four

~~ Morning ~~
There was so much to get done this morning.  I awoke early to squeeze in some yoga time.  I needed to finish packing, wash the dishes, gather together all the supplies the kids would need for their sleepover at Bita's house, make sure all of my bases were covered with clients, and I desperately wanted to have some quiet time with the children before saying goodbye.  I did not want to yell or make them hurry.  Then, while I was wrapping my hair in curlers and mentally reviewing my checklist, I heard Princess Hazelnut getting the basket of nail polish.  "Mama, can you please paint my fingers and my piggies?"  Of course I didn't have time for that.  But of course I painted them anyway.  Each tiny little nail.  Two coats of princess pink.

~~ Noon ~~
The drive was kind of perfect.  It was just the two of us, such a rare occurrence these days.  We laughed, listened to music, stopped in Macon for coffee, took a detour through some old neighborhoods just to admire the architecture.  We had been looking forward to this trip for so long, and the preparation was intense and hectic.  Now time began to slow down and the easy, relaxed tone of the upcoming weekend took hold.  Spanish Moss began to appear on the trees.  We were getting close.

~~ Night ~~
This was our first time back since we had kids.  It's been, what, nine years?  Ten?  It was dark when we arrived.  The party was in the back garden of someone's beach house.  Sand underfoot, Low Country Boil for dinner, old friends and new ones, a guy with a guitar, the sound of the water just past the rocks.  Laughter and music and a night that was only just beginning.

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