Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Three Times a Day: Day Two

~~ Morning ~~
Good morning, quiet house.  Good morning beautiful, glowing light.  
Yoga, scripture, coffee, a little time spent watching the children cuddle each other in their sleep.

~~ Noon ~~
A new knitting project.  Yarn from a friend.  There are so many moments during the homeschool hours when The Boy Wonder will become distracted if I wander off to accomplish something while he practices his cursive or works on his math, but I will go mad if forced to sit still while the to-do list continues to grow.  Enter knitting.  The movement of the needles hypnotizes Princess Hazelnut, and the steady doing - the creating - fills this downtime with a sense of purpose.  Besides, I can always use another market bag.

~~ Night ~~
The kids are asleep.  The dishes are done.  The work is as complete as it is going to get for now.  There is this pause at the beginning and the end of each day, this time to marvel at the peacefulness that bookends these days of pure chaos and madness.  Now we rest.


Caryn said...

Are those concrete counter tops? Swoon!

Sarah Beam said...

They are concrete, Caryn. My husband and a carpenter friend of his made them for us. Seriously, a few pieces of wood to build a frame, a bag or so of concrete mix, and then about six guys to carry the behemoth into the house. I was fully impressed (especially after I saw what they cost if you have them made and installed by a professional). The best part is that I can pull a casserole out of the oven and put it straight on the counters without having to worry about burns.

Caryn said...

I hope you don't mind me asking a few more questions. We have been looking at a DIY countertop for our island. I think it would be far easier, given we won't have any openings. How thick did they pour them? Did they have to reinforce the cabinets underneath to accomodate the weight? They appear to have a beautiful patina, how did you seal them?

I love your aesthetic. When my youngest was little we didn't have a schedule, but rather a rhythm to our day. We would inhale and exhale, be energetic, then rest... It was a lovely time in our lives and your blog has reminded me of a part of myself that had been set aside. Now that we're done with the chaos of adding babies to our family so quickly, I want to recapture that kind of rhythm during their preschool years. It's daunting, but also feels like coming home to myself.

I appreciate your writing!

Sarah Beam said...

Caryn, the cabinets are screwed to plywood, which is attached to the studs in the wall. He did that knowing he would be using concrete. More plywood is under the concrete. The concrete itself is about two to three inches thick. He used a buffer to apply a few coats of turtle wax over a period of about a week (for sealing purposes), and the patina has shown up gradually. I have spilled things, dropped things, and treated the concrete as badly as you would expect in a well-used kitchen that we have lived in for about eight years now. Lemon juice leaves spots on it, olive oil leaves different hued spots. I love every single imperfection of it.