Monday, February 20, 2012

Three Times A Day: Day Seven

~~ Late Morning ~~
We had said our goodbyes the night before.  Well, we said them shortly before dawn, that is.  We snagged a few hours of sleep, packed up the car, and walked a couple blocks down to a cafe for breakfast, stopping in a nature store to pick up some painted shells to bring home to the kids.  

KIDS?  We have kids?  It was still the late-nineties, wasn't it?  Had I finished college?  Had we gotten married?  Did we have a mortgage?  Re-entry was going to be tough.

~~ Noon ~~
When we drove in early Thursday evening, I said the same thing I used to say when we came here, "I don't know how you ever left."  By Friday morning, feeling more than a little worse for the wear after the first ridiculously late night, I whimpered, "I see why you left this place."  Driving away, though, I kept my eye on the For Sale signs, knowing how much easier it would be to buy in this down-market.  Not that I can figure out how on earth we could uproot two self-employed people with location-specific clientele.

     ~~ Night ~~
Seeing her in the window of my mother's house when we pulled up was just what I needed.  We collected the kids and came home.  Home, together.  

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Caryn said...

Lovely. I'm really enjoying this peek into your days.