Saturday, February 18, 2012

Three Times A Day: Day Five

~~ Morning ~~
I would very much not mind being able to walk out on this balcony every morning.  Although, now that I think about it, morning was very close to being over before I actually made it the four steps between the bed and the balcony.  The last time I stayed out that late and had that much fun and acted so much like I was still 25, I was, well, still 25.

~~ Noon ~~
If you ever have the chance to sit on a pier and watch a ballsy pelican groom itself, I highly recommend it as a source of never-ending entertainment.  I finally resorted to giving a running commentary from the pelican's perspective.  And of course I took about 425 pictures so that I can show them to the kids as a sort of flip book.  He never did manage to scratch that part of his neck that seemed to be bothering him so badly.  But he tried.  Boy, did he try.

~~ Night ~~
Irony, defined: Standing in the middle of a dive bar packed full of people singing loudly along to (wait for it...) "Praise the Lord.  I Saw the Light."  

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