Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Times A Day: Day Six

~~ Morning ~~
After an unnecessarily decadent breakfast of butter pecan french toast, a walk was in order.  The tide was out, and the sun was hidden, and the gorgeous gray moodiness of the sky and the water blended into each other until we came upon the Valentine's Tree.

~~ Noon ~~
We walked slowly through the cemetery, reading birth and death dates, marveling at the history of this ancient, lovely place.  There were so many children buried here, and each tiny grave marker, along with the gentle inscriptions gave us such pause.  One said simply 'Our Isabelle,' another nearly broke our heart with it's words of "at the age of six years, six months, and fourteen days."  Just as we were leaving, giving up on finding the grave I was searching for, he flagged down a guide to ask where it was.  We held hands and quickly trekked back through, finally finding one of the beloved writers of my teenage years, buried only a few yards away from the gravestones that had inspired some of the books I loved so well.

~~ Night ~~
Now that the last of his old crowd got married tonight, he joked that they would have to start dying off in order to get them all together on the island again after this final hurrah.  Granted, this wedding would be hard to top.

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